Privacy Policy


  • I builds app for Windows 10
  • Some apps may use services like Google, Microsoft, Twitch. Please read the below section for more information about what my apps collect

Information My Apps collect and do not collect:

  • My apps only collect loging and event information about the Device and app itseft for analytics purpose
  • I do not collect all sensitive user information like username, password, oauth token. All information of user are saved encrypted locally in app folder

YouTube API usages

  • My apps will request your authorization for using YouTube API to access your YouTube information like videos, channels
  • The apps will request you to the right to access to sensitive scopes of YouTube APIs (edit/delete APIs). We use those APIs to help users that use the apps to manage their videos, comments through the apps manually.
  • Your oAuth token will be saved encrypted locally on your devices. We do not collect and cannot access your token

Ads in app:

  • My apps use Ads service for monetizing purpose. Some ads may be inappropriate or linked to scam websites. Please be very careful after click on those unknown ad banners